He Was Unhappy With The Networks … So He Built His Own

ANGOLA, IN, January 24, 2018 – Steve Swick is all about local. He’s about local when he’s running his eight radio stations. He’s about local when he’s dealing with his clients at Local Radio Networks. And he’s not a happy man when roadblocks are put in his way when he’s trying to execute great local radio. […]

Local Radio Networks (LRN) Expands Its 24/7 Format Team with Three Exiting Westwood One Execs, Chris Reeves, Chris Hatton, and Jonathon Steele

ANGOLA, IN, July 24, 2017 – Local Radio Networks (LRN) is proud to welcome Chris Reeves, Chris Hatton, and Jonathon Steele, three highly respected radio executives who have exited Westwood One to join LRN’s 24/7 format team. Reeves joins as Executive Vice President, Programming & Operations, Hatton becomes Director, 24/7 Creative Services, and Steele becomes […]

Local Radio Networks (LRN) Accelerates Its 24/7 Format Affiliate Growth with 13 New Stations

LOCAL RADIO NETWORKS (LRN) ACCELERATES ITS 24/7 FORMAT AFFILIATE GROWTH WITH 13 NEW STATIONS. ANGOLA, IN, May 11, 2017 – Local Radio Networks, Inc. (LRN) has increased its 24/7 format affiliate base with 13 recently added stations. LRN offers 12 different 24/7 format choices, expertly programmed by radio pros and hosted by award-winning on-air personalities. […]

Local Radio Networks Signs 21 Station Deal with Rocking M Media

Rocking M Media, LLC joins Local Radio Networks, INC. Local Radio Networks, INC. adds 3 New 24/7 Music Formats. ANGOLA, IN, AUGUST 11, 2016 – Local Radio Networks, Inc. (LRN) has added Rocking M Media, LLC to its growing list of affiliates. Rocking M Media’s stations are located throughout the state of Kansas and they […]

Local Radio Networks Names Donna Halverson as VP Regional Affiliate Sales

24/7 Formats Programmed to Meet the Needs of Radio Broadcasters Revolutionary Delivery System Designed to create Cost Efficiencies for Stations NEW YORK, NY, & ANGOLA, IN, February 23, 2016 – Local Radio Networks, Inc. (LRN) has announced the appointment of Donna Halverson to the position of VP Regional Affiliate Sales for its 24/7 music radio […]