Local Radio Networks (LRN) Expands Its 24/7 Format Team with Three Exiting Westwood One Execs, Chris Reeves, Chris Hatton, and Jonathon Steele

ANGOLA, IN, July 24, 2017 – Local Radio Networks (LRN) is proud to welcome Chris Reeves, Chris Hatton, and Jonathon Steele, three highly respected radio executives who have exited Westwood One to join LRN’s 24/7 format team. Reeves joins as Executive Vice President, Programming & Operations, Hatton becomes Director, 24/7 Creative Services, and Steele becomes Director, Programming Operations. LRN is known for its 12 professionally programmed formats and its advanced “RVC” Radio Velocity Control technology, which delivers maximum control and localization to station owners and operators.

In making the announcement, Steve Swick, Chief Executive Officer of Local Radio Networks, stated, “It was very strategic in our planning to bring industry-known, high-caliber radio professionals with 24/7 format expertise to our expanding team. Chris, Jonathon, and Chris grasp the challenges of independent broadcasters, and understand their need for top-quality 24/7 programming with superior localization and owner/operator control features that allow them to better serve their markets. Our formats and proprietary technology are designed specifically with the local broadcaster in mind.”

“A Wall Street mentality has placed large radio broadcast corporations in a state of flux,” observed Reeves. “In my 22 years of working with broadcasters across the dial, I have witnessed the impact that has had on small and medium market owners and operators who have experienced stale technology and a tremendous loss of quality programming essential for remaining competitive,” he added.

“LRN has raised the bar with its excellently programmed 24/7 formats that sound live and local, and its ‘RVC’ automation and deployment technology that is second to none in the industry.” continued Reeves. “I am excited about joining LRN and focusing exclusively on providing small and medium market radio owners and operators with a top-quality 24/7 network product that keeps them relevant in their markets and competitive in the ever-changing media landscape.”.

A 22-year network radio professional, Reeves was most recently VP of Programming Operations at Westwood One. Prior to that, he held operations positions at Dial Global and Waitt Radio Networks, and began his career at Radio One Networks.

Hatton has been in network radio for nearly 20 years. He has worked as on-air talent across multiple 24/7 formats as well as in production, imaging, and operations at Radio One Networks, Waitt Radio Networks, and Westwood One.

Steele has 25 years of experience across broadcast radio. In addition to programming for the Jones and Waitt Radio Networks, he was Director of Operations for Westwood One’s formats for the last 6 years. Steele also operated a cluster of stations, providing him with a great chance to see the business from both sides.

The revolutionary LRN delivery system, “RVC” Radio Velocity Control, is a proprietary VPN-based technology that delivers maximum control for customization and localization, far exceeding the limitations of outmoded satellite downlinks. The RVC is designed by radio broadcasters for radio broadcasters and is user-friendly. Moreover, the RVC integrates seamlessly into existing playout and automation systems, provides 100 percent redundancy, flexible clocks with no mandatory fill positions, and a non-compressed music library with a broad variety of songs for each format.

Stations interested in learning more about LRN’s 24/7 formats may contact Donna Halverson, Vice President of Affiliate Sales, at 214-307-5087 or donna@localradionetworks.com. Chris, Jonathon, and Chris, can be reached via the LRN main number at 720-689-1099.

About Local Radio Networks (www.localradionetworks.com)

Local Radio Networks, Inc. is a Michigan limited liability company that provides 24/7 radio programming to small and medium market stations, helping them reduce operating costs and maximize localized content. Steve Swick is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. Will Mashione is Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer.