He Was Unhappy With The Networks … So He Built His Own

ANGOLA, IN, January 24, 2018 – Steve Swick is all about local. He’s about local when he’s running his eight radio stations. He’s about local when he’s dealing with his clients at Local Radio Networks. And he’s not a happy man when roadblocks are put in his way when he’s trying to execute great local radio.

Swick owns stations in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. He is also the founder, president, and CEO of Local Radio Networks. He launched the company two years ago, when his frustration with working with existing networks reached a boiling point. He felt they weren’t providing adequate customer service, and they had an attitude of “Where else are you going to, go little guy?”

Local Radio Networks is located in Michigan and provides 24/7 radio programming to small- and medium-market stations, helping them reduce operating costs and maximize localized content. Most people who get frustrated by poor customer service will simply hang up the phone, muttering obscenities. Steve Swick launched a competitor.

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