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We’re here to define and build your brand and subsequently your business to create a happy, long term client.


For well over a quarter of a century we have worked with local, regional, and national businesses, radio and TV stations, ad agencies and individuals around the USA to refine and define their brand names.


We take the time to get to know you, learn who you are – Your Name, and we want to know Your Story.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Banner on several projects, and had a great experience every time. As a producer, voice talent, writer, singer-songwriter, there’s really nothing he can’t do. Great stuff.


True Pro. Knows the business side of creative and meshes the two beautifully. Highly recommend Banner Kidd. Great results, personable, expert!


Licensing Info

Broadcast my Brand, and Kidd Production Group create music productions; writing and producing songs for various applications. Jingles, or musical branding songs are a major part of the work of our music creative team.Our team writes and produces custom songs, unique to your brand name, brand service, or brand product. We then offer you a lifetime license to use that song, as produced, in your market, for life, with no royalties or residual payments required.

Licenses to use musical productions by Broadcast my Brand, and Kidd Production are available for national, regional, and single market areas.

Single market areas, or Single DMA (Dominant Market Area) are defined by Broadcast my Brand and Kidd Production Group as a radius of license area, from main broadcast area of a region. This is typically deemed as radiating 250 miles from the broadcast tower of the radio and or TV station used primarily for airing commercials using the licensed jingle.

Regional licenses are custom defined based on the need of the jingle client.

National jingles are licensed in all the United States of America, and territories of the USA.

Copyright on all productions is owned by Banner Kidd, D.B.A. Broadcast my Brand and D.B.A. Kidd Production Group, with all rights reserved. In the event there is a request to buyout the copyright to one of Broadcast my Brand creations, if the song is available, and at the discretion of Broadcast my Brand and Kidd Production Group, the buyout fee will be negotiable.

Our clients liked working with Banner as he guided them through the jingle development process. He communicated promptly which kept the project moving expediently. The final product was professional and the ultimate in flexibility. Most important of all…our clients have realized a significant return on their investment on both the cost of the production and the efficiency of their radio advertising.